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We are dedicated to helping Restaurant Owners take the extra step to ensure a safe, profitable, and efficient business. If your restaurant isn't getting enough business, your health inspection didn't go well, or you need help to efficiently manage your restaurant; we are here to help!

We offer Food Safety Manager certification courses and exam proctoring through ServSafe. With this course, we guarantee you will obtain the knowledge needed to run a safe restaurant. 

Food Handler Course

For preps and cooks, we offer a food handler course. Though not mandatory by law, you can never be too careful when serving patrons. Preps and cooks should have the same knowledge of proper food handling as managers do. 

Alcohol can help your business flourish in a financial standpoint. However, it can also cause a lot of damage if your bartenders are unaware of laws, and stipulations that comes with running a bar. To protect your company, we urge restaurant managers and owners to properly train employees on the laws and effects alcohol has.

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