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Live Training for Restaurant Workers:
FREE Food Handler Certification


April 13, 2022 from 8 AM - 3 PM
Hampton Inn in Buckhead

Are you a manager running a restaurant? A chef or cook employed in Georgia? Or a job seeker who needs to get ServSafe certified before applying to restaurants jobs? This training is for you!

In this seminar, industry experts will share their knowledge on restaurant management, employee retention, and staying profitable throughout the pandemic. Chef Abraham Herrera, ServSafe Instructor will also cover the 5 key categories that minimize risk of foodborne illness to help you earn your Food Handler Certification the same day.


Attendees can also choose to participate in the job fair, which will occur during the last hour of the event.

BONUS: Earn your ServSafe Food Handler certification for FREE! Register now!

Register for the LIVE Training and Food Handler Certification today!

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