Food Handler Course

This course entails:

  • 3 hour course, in person or online

  • Proctored ServSafe exam

  • Study materials provided to in-person students

  • Instructor present for in-person classes

Other course information:

  • Certification provided at the end of class

  • Online class takers must schedule a day to take the exam in person

  • Scheduled exams and class will be held from at Desktop Co-working Community in Kennesaw GA

  • Please bring device to class; if you do not have access to one, an iPad will be provided to you

What will you learn?

It is important that not only a manager has the basic food safety knowledge, but also knows how to cooks and prep as well. Anyone who comes into direct contact with food should be aware of all the necessary precautions that needs to be taken in order to properly cook, serve and store food.

We offer Food Handler courses through ServSafe© that minimizes risks of foodborne illness.

This course focuses on five categories:

  1. Basic Food Safety

  2. Personal Hygiene 

  3. Cross-contamination and Allergens

  4. Time and Temperature 

  5. Cleaning and Sanitizing